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Dear Friends,

Since Alan’s visit in the summer so much has happened. We had a wonderful  visit, the recordings from the Holy isle retreat are finished and will be available on the website soon. The lectures and day in London were well attended and much enjoyed by those present.

When I spent a day on Arran with Alan we stayed in a B & B. It was my plan to drive Alan round Arran with a view to starting a Mind Centre there for long and short term retreats, and linking with scientists for on-going research into the benefits of long term attentional  training. The Cultivating Emotional Balance Course will also be taught there and follow up provided for those trained to teach it. Our hosts told us of a Hotel/Guest House for Sale in Lamlash. We went to see it and found it to be the perfect place for such activity. It has 34 rooms and 51 beds. The price is £450,000, which is remarkable for the size of the property.

During the retreat Alan gave an inspiring talk on the value of having such a centre, and people pledged over £20,000 in seed money, which has enabled us to express interest and have a survey done. We have just received the results of this, and are developing a complete business plan, we are working as fast as possible as it would be shame to lose this wonderful opportunity.

Meanwhile this is a call for all the European students and friends of Alan Wallace and of CCN, to join us in creating a contemplative observatory and Mind Centre in Europe. Visit our website for more information about the project. Click Here

As we need some idea of the type of support we would have for this Mind Centre we would much appreciate it if you would complete the interest survey form by clicking here

If you are or know of an interested investor please let us know and we can provide our initial Business Plan.

Other more general news will be following soon.

Warm wishes to all,

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